Back in the USA!!!

Back in the USA (but the trip shall continue)

So a little news to share: we are back in the States! Below is a bit of our thought process around this decision -

We were originally going to spend the last few days of our European leg in Paris and then head east to start a tour of Southeast Asia and eventually the rest of Asia. However, we realized we needed to be back home during the month of October as we have a few things we cannot miss: a big birthday, a big wedding and our first niece is due! October was originally going to be our halfway-point break after having done Europe & Asia, but after moving WAYYY to fast through Europe we decided that 2-2.5 months to do Asia was just not enough time and would be exhausting to even attempt.

With all of that in mind, we decided to return to the US and explore another part of the world that was at the top of our list: America! We have lived and worked in the US our whole lives and have barely even explored our own country outside of the major cities. Our country is filled with diverse landscapes, incredible national parks and small towns we have never even heard of. We knew we had to explore our home country before this was all over. So, given the time frame, we decided we would spend the back half of the summer and early fall doing just that.

Our plan is to drive from the East Coast across the country eventually exploring the Pacific Northwest, heading down the coast of California, through the Southwest, across Texas, through the South and eventually returning up the East Coast. The focus will be on experiencing our national parks such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier, Grand Canyon, etc, etc. We have an ambitious itinerary planned and we have no idea how much we will accomplish, but we couldn’t be more excited!

If anyone has any specific recommendations, feel free to shoot us an email. Or, if anyone is interested in tagging along for part of the trip, we would love to have you! Even better, if you live near one of these places and feel like having some houseguests PLEASE email us…we can use all the help we can get.

While we weren’t sure how long we would last, we have loved traveling together and want to keep exploring as long as we can! The plan right now is to tour America, return home for our family obligations and then continue to S. America for the late fall and finally Asia in early 2018. The nice thing about this is we can always change our plans if we need to!

Here’s to hoping the budget is friendly enough to us to allow for all of this. In the meantime, America here we come!!