November 2017 Update

Hello hello everyone.

A quick update to all ten of you who read this blog: we spent the last few weeks back at home in Maryland to recharge our batteries, catch up on some work and most importantly spend time with our family to meet our first niece Harley! She was born a few days ago and is absolutely beautiful!

It was great to get spend time with our family and friends during this special time, but it seems like every time we stop back at home it gets harder and harder to get motivated to continue this crazy journey. We can’t exactly explain what it is, but perhaps it is just the comforts of being home. We have felt it a few times in the past six months, but this time in particular it was the hardest to “get back out there.”

We ultimately decided that shock therapy would be the best way to shake us out of our funk! So, we just landed in Thailand on a one-way ticket and a plan to travel until we literally cannot stand it anymore or afford it, whichever comes first. Assuming we last more than a few days we have a very ambitious plan for the next few months and we will be covering a LOT of ground.

As always, we will take it one day at a time and see “where we land” (just terrible, but had to do it at least once). Stay tuned for photos and blog posts from these far-away lands and thanks to everyone for your continued love and support!

~Nolan & Kirby